Arabic Translation issue - large "C" appearing in various places

I recently translated a tutorial into 14 languages by using the import translation option.  Everything works fine, except throughout the Arabic tutorial, the letter "C" appears in various places over the text.  That "C" is not visible when editing or in preview mode. It only appears when published.  Any thoughts on how to remove them? Attached is a screenshot.



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Adam Gagne

Hi Ashley,
Unfortunately there is a lot of proprietary info in the module. Based on
other threads, it looks like it might be due to the translation file. As a
workaround, we are taking screenshots of the correct text and pasting it
over the incorrect text. As it only affects 3 slides, so this solution has
worked fine.

Thanks for your help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Adam for the update and I'm glad it's an easy enough one for you to fix as described. If you're ever unable to share a file here in the forums based on proprietary or confidential information please feel free to share it with our Support engineers here. They can sign an NDA if needed and all files are kept confidential and internal for Articulate staff.