Audio and Navigation Issues with imported scene in Storyline

Hello, I created a training object in which users may go to an optional scene for "additional information."  Within the additional scene, the "Start over" icon does not function, and if I click to another slide and then back, instead of the audio starting over, it picks up wherever I left it.  This does not happen in the original scene of the learning object, only in the imported scene.  I cannot find a way to correct this.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Laurie!

I've got your file open now, and it looks like the "additional information" slides are in Scene 2, is that right?

If you want the audio to restart when clicking the player Rewind button or when revisiting those slides, you'll want to use the "reset to initial state" setting. You can read more about those settings in this handy article!

Let me know if that helps to clear things up.