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Chris Santos

Hi Michael,

Based on previous forum entries, it doesn't look like this is an available feature.  See this forum topic about discussing something similar - Insert Upload Image.  While the thread itself was started a few years ago, the most recent entry (7 months ago) stated that this is still not available and can be requested as a product feature.

I am not sure if this has been included already in the most recent update of Storyline 360/3 but based on the list of updates, it looks like we will still be waiting for this. 

In lieu of using an uploaded Image, perhaps this page by Nicole Legault may just be what you need to add that custom personality for each learner's experience - Allow Learners to Choose an Avatar.  Here is another take on that topic by David Anderson - Creating Photographic Character Packs Using States.

Hope this answers your question.

Chris S.