*bad word!*-can I not call a slide layer from a slide layer?

So I have to soccer balls on either side of a goal in the "distance" the user clicks (cl("K")icks- get it?) either ball. A little funky anim on a slide layer happens, then "show <a slide layer with a block of text" after <animation> completes". 

But my text doesn't! hence- "bad word!"

Could y'all take a look at this slide and tell me what's up with dat??

Much Thanks,


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Alison  L.

Ah.. see, didnt know the timeline could/would restart like that. See, this is why you should keep your Player ui (in this case playbar) on while developing. (I sent my out for Review while trying to figure this out.)

And there were a couple other things (like the big left ball not hiding if already clicked and you click on BALL R (Ball L would reappear).

So here's (attached)if you every have a THING that has a couple of "GOALS" and you want to be tacky: