Banner/Ticker Effect

Hi all,

I've seen some discussions around variables in text box but I'm not sure if all issues have been resolved yet. Here's a banner/ticker effect I created. You can set a variable any time to a text and it scrolls at the bottom of the screen:

The problem is that Storyline 2 seems to change the size of the text to fit in the text box, even if it's set to No Wrap and No Auto Fit if there's a variable in the text. In this example, I limit the number of characters I'm placing in the text box so it won't extend over its limits. Even then, you'll see some slight size flickering when there are too many "fat" letters and it's reaching the end of the box. Any thoughts on this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for sharing that example here although the link goes to a dead page for me? Also if you're able to share the .story file as well I'm certain folks would like to see how you've set this up. As you mentioned, the shape does not update in sizing to accommodate the text as it's not built dynamically. So you'll want to look at ensuring the text box is large enough to accommodate your possible text. 

Zsolt Olah

Hi Ashley! 

Thanks for the response! For banner effect It's actually what I want, so the shape should not resize. I want the shape to stay the same AND the text should be cut off wherever the text extends beyond the shape. But instead, if the text is coming from a variable, it resizes the font size to fit it in the box...