Beyond the borders of Storyline

Multiple response questions don't support score by answer. With a bit effort this can be done by yourself.

What should be built in?

  • Score by answer (positive and negative scores)
  • An option to specify if the answer score can be negative or not
  • Access to the maximum score of the question
  • A review mode which shows the question score in the context of the maximum question score

This sample shows what I mean.

  • a question has 4 answers
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 answers can be correct
  • a correct answer has the value of 1 point, a wrong answer has the value of -1 point
  • the total score per question can not be negative
  • the result is submitted at the end of the quiz
  • the user can navigate forward and backward and change the answers
  • the review shows the scores per answer (user score and possible score)

Maybe this helps the developer team to build in some improvements into future releases of Storyline.

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