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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Eric,

The original video is quite large. When I launch it via the button (after publishing) it looks more clear, but I have to adjust the size of the browser window to view the entire video. Have you tried using a video that's recorded at a smaller resolution, maybe one similar to the Story size? 

Another option I'm thinking might work would be to insert it as a web object, but you'd still run into the issue of the size of the video.

It seems like any scaling to the video seems to cause this, for me, anyway. 

If you'd like, you're welcome to submit this to our tech team and see if they're able to test it a little further or provide some additional suggestions. 

Thanks Eric!

Eric Nalian

Hey Christine,

I figured out the problem - Windows Movie Maker!

After creating my screen recordings in Storyline, I edited them using Windows Movie Maker, and when published added to thick black bars on the right and left side of the screen, and messed with the videos resolution.  I am currently on the lookout for a good (free) video editing program that does not add a giant water mark to the center of the screen...

Any recommendations?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Eric!

That's awesome! Thanks for the update, I'm glad you were able to find out what was causing it. I wondered about that black border, but I don't have a lot of video editing experience

There's a really helpful post here that might help you out. A few recommendations for video editing software and some of them are free, too. 

I just saw your other post, too. Hopefully you can get some great feedback!