Button States Working Intermittently

Hi All!

I'm helping one of my students troubleshoot a slide for them in SL. What's supposed to happen is that the learner clicks on a series of buttons, those buttons then jump to different slides...then the learner jumps back to the main slide with the buttons. Each button had a hover and visited stated. What's supposed to happen, is that each button should change to their visited state after the learner has clicked on each one. Simple right? Well, for some reason, the buttons like to maintain their hover state for no obvious reason. I've tried recreating everything from scratch, etc...and nothing works. And what makes it even odder, is that sometimes the buttons operate normally...and then other times they have the issue.

I've gone ahead and recorded this video to show the issue and attached the SL file (note the slide that is having the issue is 3.1). I'm pretty sure at this point it's a SL glitch, but I'd love to see if anyone else can replicate the issue or see if there's something I've missed. 



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David Schwartz

It does seem like a glitch within SL. I thought maybe adding a trigger to the buttons to do a trivial event (e.g, setting the state of the character to Normal) before jumping might solve it, but it did not.

Watching the video and trying it myself, you can see that the problem occurs before the jump, that is, you can see that the visited state of the button dos not appear before the jump. The fact that the visited state appears after you hover over those buttons suggests to me that SL is saving the state of the slide before it has finished updating the display, although internally SL "knows" that the button's visited state is set.