Can a pre-collapsed Menu at beginning of course be default?

I have read the solution to open Player and manually click all the triangles to collapse the menu. Then it will publish that way. But then every time you have any further edits/updates to make, you have to go back through the menu and collapse everything again (annoying), then publish. Is that just the way it is?  To me that's like a Jack-in-the-box who jumps out every time I open up the box to tune something, and I have to cram him back into place before I close the lid!

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John Strong

I like for my learners to see the menu as a 'summary table of contents.' Then as they enter each section the menu expands to reveal that section.  To my mind, this also serves to "not overwhelm" a user who might open the course, see the expanded menu and think "geez, I have all THAT to do?"