Can I change the settings of the Results slide after it's built?

When first choosing a results slide, I know there's a gear option to choose settings for when users are reviewing their answers... you can choose whether or not the correct answers will be shown during this review... but is this the only time you have that option? What if my entire Storyline module is built out and during my Preview I notice upon failing the course and reviewing my answers, I forgot this step... basically, I forgot to "uncheck" the box that allows users to see the correct answers.

Is there any way to go back and uncheck that box? Or do I have to start all over with a brand new results slide? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Chrisanna!

If you open up your Results slide in Storyline, on the right-hand side of the screen there is a panel. At the top, under the "Question" tab, there's a button that says "Edit Results Slide". In there, you should be able to make all of your edits. Under "options" you can uncheck Allow Users to Review Quiz. 

Hope this helps!