Can layers be objects in defining a trigger or condition?

I've spend hours going through dozens of listings on the ELH site and I cannot find any information to confirm or deny whether I can use a layer to define the conditions for a trigger or for a condition as part of a variable.

I've seen quite a few people describe their project in a way that implies they are doing that, but on closer examination, they are simply showing/hiding layers rather than using the layer as an object in defining a condition.

Can someone please tell me whether we can base a trigger or condition on something happening in a layer?  Or are we limited to using only the objects on a base layer and not the other layers?  We are using Storyline 360.  Thank you!

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Susan Schleef

Thank you, Ned.  I will definitely give this a try later today.  We are definitely working with slides that have a base layer and 4 other layers.  This is the first time I've heard anyone talk about how to base a trigger on a specific layer, so I'll check out your suggestion.