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Emily Ruby

Hello Christina,

Unfortunately files created or modified in Storyline 2 cannot be accessed  through Storyline 1.

You can run both programs together, but Storyline 2 is not backwards compatible.

Since upgraded projects aren't backward compatible, Storyline will automatically create a backup copy of the original project file in the same folder in case you ever need to go back to Storyline 1, for projects created initially in Storyline 1.

Here is a comparison chart for reference.

Lucy Holley


I've been happily opening  my storyline 1 projects in storyline 2 reassured that a backup was being created... now I've come to reopen them in storyline 1 and I realise I can't see any backups in the same folders as the originals - am I missing something?  Could they gone somewhere else and how are they named?


Jodi Sutton

Honestly, this is very frustrating.  Is there any projection on making SL2 files accessible using SL1.  Kinda forces your hand, but when you work for the government, purchasing software isn't that easy...so now I have SL2 projects, that I will have to recreate in SL1.  Is there no other work around for this?

Jodi Sutton

There needs to be some kind of warning for SL1 users, that download the trial for SL2, stating....THIS FILE WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE FOR SL1.  Creating a backup, though its helpful, I am now back to where I started and have to rebuild my project, because my organization will not allow SL2 to be loaded on our work stations. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jodi,

This is documented in a few places within our KB articles such as the ones Leslie shared. If you open a SL1 file in SL2, you should see the message that it'll create a back up copy that you can continue using in SL1.  If you think the messaging needs to be different or isn't as clear to you, I'd encourage you to share your thoughts with our product development team directly.