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Holly MacDonald

I'm updating a file that someone else built and on one of the objects, there are hyperlinks on state change. The links  work in the trigger panel, but not in preview or published. The links worked on an earlier version (because the published files are on a live webpage now). I am wondering if it is because of trigger order (the links appear in the object above the state change). But, I can't re-arrange the triggers. There are at least 76 of them on this layer (and 4 layers + base), so it's very unwieldy. I've tried grouping and ungrouping, and re-arranging on the timeline but no luck.

This project would have been built before the update with the triggers.  

Any suggestions?

Daniel Jovanov

That's tricky, Holly...perhaps you could delete those triggers for state change and opening the hyperlink, then re-add them in the following order:

1) Change the state of the object
2) When the state changes, open the hyperlink.

Actually, I think it's better if you copy-paste/duplicate either of the above triggers to see if the Move Up/Down arrows are re-enabled. That trick works in earlier versions of Storyline, but I'm not sure if it works in the current one. If it does, then you can re-arrange triggers and delete the duplicate one.

If either of these solutions (deletion or duplication) still doesn't work, I suggest you get in touch with the original creator of that project file and ask him/her to submit a ticket to Articulate to figure out what's going on

Mark Thevenot

Sorting triggers is not only about execution order, but also logical order for understanding complex trigger scenarios. For example, I have multiple triggers on ten cue points. It would seem logical to order these from 1 to 10, but Storylline decided to start with #8, then #2, #10, #4, #5, #6, #7, #3, #1, and #9. Makes no sense and difficult to keep track of what I am doing. I'm sure that's my left brain talking.

In my example, my cue points are numbered in chronological order, so they should be sorted in numerical and chronological order. My triggers require this, but the grayed out buttons won't let me resort them.