Certificate Won't Show Text After Upgrade to AS360

I was using AS2 with the print results+html certificate feature using the attached code. 

After upgrading to AS360, I am unable to see my text and no variables are pulled from my module (also attached).

This certificate and module were previously built my another person and I have absolutely no idea what is up.


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Aisha,

You'll find that the certificate will still work in the Flash output, just not in the HMTL5 output.

It looks like when rebuilding the HTML5 engine for SL3 and SL360, Articulate didn't expose the same variables that they did in SL2. 

I ran into a similar issue last week. And to date, I haven't found a resolution.

If you need a different way of building a certificate, see here for a few options.

Aisha Conner-Gaten

Bless you Matthew.

I am trying to replicate Lance Elliot's method (which is pretty much Owen Hart's method): https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/create-a-course-certificate-in-storyline-with-java-and-html#reply-296875

I was able to get the jpg to populate as well as my certificate image from my live course.

At this point, I just can't get my variables populated. I need the variables:

  • learner name
  • module name
  • results percentage
  • date (in any format)

I've attached my storyline file (The certificate is the very last layer with the results page) and my certificate html.

I honestly appreciate any help on this. 

Matthew Bibby

You've gotten pretty close on your own Aisha! Well done. I appreciate how confusing this stuff can be when you aren't familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

The problem stems from the Results_2.ScorePercent variable.

This is a special type of variable in Storyline that can't be accessed in the usual way. The use of a full stop in the variable name is also causing your JavaScript to fail.

Try this:

  • Create a new number variable in Storyline called ResultsPercent
  • Add a trigger to your results page that assigns the value of Results_2.ScorePercent to the ResultsPercent variable when the timeline starts, e.g.

  • Open your certificate.html file.
  • We want to replace line 60, i.e. var Results_2.ScorePercent=player.GetVar("Results_2.ScorePercent");  with var results = player.GetVar("ResultsPercent");
  • Then swap the Results_2.ScorePercent part of line 65 with results 
  • Note that you also have a SystemDate variable (line 59) which isn't currently being used by the certificate. If you aren't using this, then its best to delete it. 

Please note that I haven't tested this. The above is just based on a quick look at your certificate.html file.

After you've made these changes, upload your course to the intended environment (e.g. LMS or server) and test if it works there. If it still doesn't work after making these changes, upload the modified files and I'll take another look.

Good luck!

Aisha Conner-Gaten

Thanks Matthew,

I got some interaction but I'm getting null for the date variables and a default of 0 for my grade on the certificate. I don't think I know how to make the system date work from Articulate. Also I *think* my Results_2ScorePercent=ResultsPercent trigger isn't working (hence the 0 grade on the certificate. any ideas?

Aisha Conner-Gaten

Hi Russell,


Back again. Thanks for your help with the first fix but I can't seem to get the same certificate for my last modules. The variables are slightly different (REsults1.percent instead of REsults_2percent) but I am still getting a 0 score and null on the system date. Any ideas? I've attached my storyline file and the certificate used in the zip.

Aisha Conner-Gaten

Update: I was able to get the score to show up. I had to switch around my triggers on the results slide (my course was ending before the javascript could report my results).

However, I still can't get the system date to show on my certificate. Any help is appreciated!