Changing the Player Template of a File Shouldn't change the Course Title

I like to use Player Templates to keep all the Player Settings the same across multiple Storyline files within a project. However, there is one nagging thing about them that I keep meaning to ask about. When you change the Player Template, it changes the Title to whatever the title was when the Player Template was saved. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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Will Findlay

Also, when you do do intentionally change the course title, it should change the Reporting and Tracking Options > LMS Lesson SCORM Information > Identifier to match it.

These are just a couple of annoyances I find when publishing projects with multiple modules. I have to make sure the title doesn't get changed when I apply a Player template. And I have to manually fix the Identifier so it doesn't use an old title when publishing a SCORM version.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Will!

Thanks for sharing that you'd like a way to:

  • Name the Player and the course separately.
  • display an updated course title as the Identifier

I can see how both of these would be useful! We don't currently have a way to name the Player and course separately, but the Identifier should be updated when changing the course title. Here's what I see on my end.

Let me know if you see something different with the Identifier!