Click a button Show a layer..easy right? Nope not for me :(

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the user to enter their name then click a button that saves the name to a variable - but then also shows another layer... Weird thing is... that this used to work and now it doesn't so my question is are there any "rules" that need to be added other than show layer ____ when user clicks btn1?

I can post the .story if anyone thinks it would be helpful?

Thanks in advance!!


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Lesley Cashman-Peck

Hi Christina,

I believe I was able to accomplish what you're asking. Here's what I did (step-by-step):

  1. Create variable "Name" with type = text and no default value
  2. Insert menu > Data Entry > select Text Entry
  3. Click and drag out text entry box
  4. In the triggers window, look for "Text Entry". Highlight and edit that variable.
  5. In the trigger wizard that opens, set variable to "Name" and click Ok.
  6. Create layer or page where you want the name to appear again.
  7. On that layer/page insert a text box that contains the reference "%Name%" and any other text you'd like to appear.
  8. Insert a button and add a trigger to either show layer or jump to slide where you'd like name to display.

To the user it would look like the submit/save button is saving the changes but really as soon as they enter their name and "control loses focus" on that text entry field the variable changes.

I hope this works for you. There's also a great tutorial: if you need more info.