'Click outside' doesn't include other clickables?

Hi all,

I'm working on a slide that has circles appear momentarily to show where a user should click (as per the attached image). If the user listens to all the instructions, these disappear before the timeline ends, so they can click the text box underneath, but if they start clicking early the timeline pauses (as I don't want the audio to continue alongside the feedback layers), meaning the circles remain and the text box underneath can't be clicked.

My idea was to add a trigger setting the circles' states to hidden if the user clicks anywhere outside of them (i.e. one of the other text boxes). However, this only appears to work when clicking on an area that doesn't have its own click-related trigger. So if I click on a blank space on the slide, any visible circles disappear, but if I click on one of the other text boxes, the trigger isn't activated. :/

Any solutions/thoughts on the 'click-outside' issue, or another fix for the underlying problem would be gratefully received!

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