Content accessible to blind people

Good afternoon,

I would like to know if you can help me with adapting the materials created in Storyline 3 for blind people. I check the accessibility options, but when I put it on the Moodle Platform and experiment with the blind reader tool that I have, it just reads me buttons, it doesn't read text that is created in text boxes. What should be done for the content created in SCORM to be effectively adapted to blind people?

Thank you!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Catia! It's hard to know without seeing your file so if you can share it here that would be great! But it could just be the way you are navigating content is different than the way a screen reader user would navigate the content using their keyboard. When you get to the top of the slide, try clicking the down arrow instead of just the tab key. 

The screen reader won't auto-read the slide content in your Storyline 3 slide. It announces the title of each slide and then waits for the learner to explore the content. This allows the learner to hear multimedia first. It also lets the learner control when the screen reader announces content. Learners simply use their screen reader navigation keys (e.g., the Down and Up arrows) to move through items on the slide.

More information on navigating your Storyline 3 course is available here!