Controlled On/Off Background Music


We are expiriencing some troubles trying to set background music on a Storyline360 project.

First I tried to just insert the song as a Media on the Slide Master and set a On/Off Buton, non problem here, everything as always and it works, except because everytime going to a different slide the music starts over again instead of continue playing; also if you turn it off in one slide, in the next slide starts again. So this is not the solution we are looking for.

Making some research about this topic I found this method with javascript that "Jackson Hamner" post some years ago but it is not working, I think becuase things have changed since and is not working anymore; we tested on an LMS and nothing.

I hope somebody can help us with this issue. 

Thank you very much!

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Darren Cayard

Hey Digital Latam!

I did some digging around and came across a fix for what you are trying to accomplish.  See this post by Emily Ruby where she outlines how to get music to play continuously throughout your project. Please note that even though the fix is for Storyline 2, the same fix will work in Storyline 360. 

Hopefully this help! Good luck!