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I have a storyline elearning which consists of 14 scenarios each scenario consists of 3 slides. The elearning dispalys 6 scenarios randomly out of the 14. Im wodering if we can use a variable and a status bar to show the user how many scenario he has completed. For example at the end of each scenario the status bar show N out of 6 scenarios completed.

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Bruce Holliday


Create a counter object with states of each scenario 1 to 14 

Create a text variable for each scenario and set it to False. 

Put a trigger on the 3rd slide of each scenario to change the text variable to True. (When timeline starts scenario5complete == True)

Put a listener on the main slide or master to detect the changed variable state and update your score.

(change state of my counter to state 5 when this timeline starts if scenario5complete == True)

Hope that helps

rana elias

Hi Bruce,

Thanks soo much. I realy appreciate your help. I think I found onother way which is for me much more easier.

Create a number variable with start value -1

Add triger to the first page of each scenario -- adjust the variable to add 1 when the timeline start of the page

it is working perfect .

Many thanks again