Course is not Showing Up as Completed when User Does Complete Course Trigger

Hi there,

I just uploaded a course to an LMS, and it's not tracking right. Initially, I thought it was an issue with the LMS itself because it's automatically configured to have a completion register as "Achieve Minimum Test Course AND View All Slides," but even after I had that changed to just "View All Slides," the Complete Course trigger isn't working. 

Right now, the only thing I have as a Complete Course Trigger is that they need to click the Exit button on the last slide. I don't want the user to have to view every slide in the training because the knowledge checkpoints and certain videos are optional. Has anyone experienced this issue before? How can I rectify it?

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Amanda Gallagher

So when I initially published the course, the order was Exit Course followed by Complete Course. Then when there were initial issues, I uploaded a different course that only had a Complete Course trigger at the end. Is the order/lack of one of those course triggers probably causing the issue if I've already fixed the issues on the LMS's end?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Amanda!

Triggers happen in order from top to bottom. If the "exit course" trigger is listed first, the course will close and the "complete course" trigger will not have a chance to fire.

Is everything working correctly now that you removed the "exit course" trigger? You can add that trigger back in, as long as it is listed under the "complete course" trigger.