Course player background turns black in edge.

The background of my course player (which should be white) is black when viewing published content in Edge. I am using Storyline 360 and my content is published with the Modern Player (HTML5 only). This is not happening with Chrome, FF or IE. My customer is not happy. Please help!

Screenshot attached. 



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Paul Millardo

Hello Cassandra,

Thanks for bringing  this up, maybe we can start by isolating a specific version of the Edge browser.

Have you had a chance to check if a different version of the Edge browser works?

It might be worth disabling any plug ins on the browser as well as they could interfere on how the pages are displayed.




Cassandra Miller

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick reply. The Edge version is:

Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

This is the same version of Edge I am using, and I do not have this issue. I see you mentioned disabling some plug ins – which do you recommend?



Katie Riggio

Hi, Cassandra. So sorry you're seeing that!

Thanks for coming back with these helpful updates. A few more questions to help us unlock this mystery:

  • Did you publish for Web or LMS?
  • Is this happening with any Storyline file or a certain one?
  • Would you mind sharing the .story file so I can try to replicate the behavior in Edge? You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link. I'll delete it when we solve this puzzle!