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Carol Widstrand

I too have this issue.  We are on the latest 1809 package of windows 10.

I had to have our IT department run as administrator (per your troubleshooting advice) and thought it solved the problem. However, after logging out for the day and logging back in Storyline 3 the next day it is asking for permissions again to run as administrator.  I have the latest patch March 5. 


Thor Melicher

Here are some things to check as Storyline 3 / 360 content will work in Windows 10 v. 1809:

  • Check to see if the course is being published as HTML 5.  Flash is disabled in Edge by default.  It's possible to turn Flash on but trying to manage this across an organization can be daunting.
  • Is your LMS hosted within the company or is it hosted outside?  Check with your IT Department to see if they have any global settings that may be blocking content / or re-directing.  There are a lot of things that can be done behind the scenes without your end-users knowing.
  • If you can, access your course outside of your company's network with Edge.  If the LMS is hosted outside be sure not to use VPN and see if its the problem.
  • Try publishing your course to SCORM Cloud and then run it through Edge to see if it plays.  If it works then there is a good chance there is something to do with your LMS.  If it doesn't play, try connecting while outside your company network.  If it works then there is a good chance it has something to do with how IT has configured your network.
  • Lastly, you may need to check which version of Edge you are using.  Microsoft recently made available a 'Chromium' version of Edge.  Most likely your company hasn't introduced this as it's beta but something else to checkout as a 'just in case.'

I hope that gives you some additional ideas to try!


Thor Melicher

Got it!  This has been reported before and I've personally experienced it myself. 

Try this to see if it resolves your problem:

From the Cortana search bar (or just clicking on the Cortana icon which is the circle to the right of the Windows Start button icon)

1. Type in Storyline.
2. Right click on Storyline and choose Run as administrator.
3. If prompted, confirm your registration key.
4. Close out of Storyline.
5. Double-click the Storyline icon to launch normally.

If this doesn't work, you'll want to contact your IT department to have them uninstall and then reinstall Storyline 3.  

When updating Windows 10 this problem does come up from time to time.  Hopefully these steps will take care of your problem.