Creating a reset button on drag and drop


I would like to create a reset button on the main layer of a drag and drop interaction. In this interaction, users are dragging items into carts and I would like them to have the ability to reset the interaction in the middle if they change their mind or accidentally drag the wrong item into a cart. I currently have a retry button (which jumps to the main slide layer when the user clicks) on the incorrect feedback slide but that is after the submit button is clicked. Does anyone have any insight into how I can use a button to do this on the main layer?



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Valerie Seely

okay, so next step is having a button/click zone on the drop target that makes the drag item visible again or shows me what items are inside the drop target. For example, I accidentally dragged one item into the wrong drop target but don't want to start over again or i cant remember which items i put into the target

Mai Anh


Could you please help me ? I encounted the same problem, I 've a Drag-and-Drop with 2 attempts and a Reset button (Clear). 

The first time when the user has an incorrect answer, this is the "Try again" feedback which appears. And then the second time, he clicks on "clear" (jumpt to slide) and retry, he should have the "Incorrect" button and see the solution, but this time the "Try again" feedback appears again.

I think the issue comes from the trigger for the "Clear button" (jump to the same slide), so the counter resets, and they receive 2 times the "Try again" feedback.

Does anyone has a solution? Thanks for your help,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anh!

You're spot on – the "jump to current slide" trigger, along with the "reset to initial state" setting, will give your learners unlimited attempts.

If you want to limit learners to just two attempts, you won't be able to reset the drag items to their initial positions. 

Instead, change the revisiting behavior to "resume saved state." Also, change the trigger on the Try Again layer to "Hide layer [this layer] when the user clicks the Continue button."

Mai Anh

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply ! 

I'm so happy because I've found the solution, I've to keep the button "Clean" (Jumpt to slide) and I set "1 attempt" Quiz and create a "Try again" customized layer. I've set 2 variables (counter) in the Try again layer and one for the principal layer. 

Have a nice day,