Creating two different triggers within a test

Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I have created a Test Me from an auto capture for systems training. However within the systems functionality you can either click on the button, or you can use a function key. Both are correct so I need to offer the user both options. The Test me has been created using the click of the button option, so I need to add the function key option. I have tried triggering the function key interaction using Action: "Submit interaction" Interaction: "Hotspot" When: "user presses a key" Key: "Enter or whatever the key is" Object: now I have tried all options I can add but none of them work when I preview and I cant move to the next step in the process.

Please can someone help?

Many Thanks :)

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Julie Mackay

Just a note. This issue i am having isn't the way that function keys behave in preview mode, as I am publishing the course to test it. Its the way the trigger is set up in storyline. Hoping someone can help. I used to use Enlight, (many moons ago!) for systems training and within the test me function we were able to add as many key triggers as possible. For the systems training i am doing is for a dispensing system and the user can either press a function key, or press Alt + Shift + another key or other key combinations to achieve the same result. I need to add all key combinations into the test to allow them to be "correct" and for this to be picked up in the test results. Struggling to make this happen :(

Benjamin Passons

Ok, I played around with the "when the user presses the ___  key" trigger and your variables as well and couldn't get the logic to work either. Not sure what is going on, and since you are already using the hotspot and text entry freeform slide types I don't know that you can combine either with shortcut key type. Maybe someone with a bit more experience might chime in...

Some design solutions might be to (A) create a toggle that uses a True/False variable to give the user the option to choose whether they want to use click or function key navigation throughout the assessments or to (B - and not sure what kind of UK-508 compliance equivalent you may need to follow), only provide the click option but provide a tip with each correct response of something along the lines of "this could also be completed by selecting F10" or some such (or a combination of the two). Not optimal I know, especially because option A will require duplicating practically all of your assessment slides so that you have two versions of each (one for click and one for function key).

Anyway, good luck, and if I have a Eureka moment I'll let you know.