Custome Score Variable


The contest: we have a first slide where we determine 3 profiles.

Each profile branch to a specific range of questions.

And I need to send the score of the range to the LMS.


How: after doing any range, I have 1 result slide for each range. We pass through them and send the result to a forth result slide. On this one a use some js to calculate the score using the number of question in the specific range :

var player = GetPlayer();

var numberofquestion = player.GetVar("numberset");
var runningscore = player.GetVar("score");

var calculatescore = (runningscore/10)*(100/numberofquestion);


Now I need to set Results.ScorePoint as the score variable or send the score var instead the Resul.ScorePoint to the LMS.

Any idea how I can manage this?


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