Customize navigation

Hi team,

Is there a way to customize the navigation buttons (previous/next) in a way so that they'll appear on the right and left side of the seek bar, as per the image shown below.

required player

(This image is created in photoshop, but I want my player to look like the same as the image, Is there a way to make my player like the image.)

As this is recommended by the client that the navigation pane should look like that or I have to create a custom template for the same using slide masters.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Kartik,

Thanks for reaching out! There's currently not a way to shift the PREV button over to the left side of the player.

As you mentioned, creating custom slide navigation buttons may be the best option to take if your client requires that setup. I’ll be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team for a way to customize built-in player features, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request