D Storyline

I have a strange problem/request from one of my clients and was wondering if anyone in the forum might offer some guidance. I published the Storyline module in SCORM 1.4 format. It is setup to track the quiz results from 2.1  Results Slide. It is set to report status to LMS as: completed/incomplete.

 I thought my client was deploying on Moodle but now I am not so sure what they are doing.

here is the request: ( when they say video - they are referring to the storyline output)

"We have been having trouble with the video and now know that there is not redirect at the end of the video. There is a file in the video folder called “completed.php” that creates the completed date and thought that the video automatically redirected to that file when completed.

The video does not redirect. Could you get the company or person that created the flash video to include the redirect at the end and have it go to completed.php?"

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