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Nope that wasn't the question. Sorry about the wording. I'll try again. If I am creating 20 slides with different quiz, how do ensure that EVERY SLIDE automatically has a TRY AGAIN function already activated? Also If I want user to be able to try 2 or 3 or 4 times, how can I default it?

Wendy Farmer

Yes Robert,

Correct that what I said in post above if you are creating 5MC questions...or a specific quiz type.

There are 16 graded/freeform quiz types.  If you were using all 16 or a mixture of quiz types, create a project quiz file with one of each type with your settings and then you have them when you want to use them.

When you start a new project, import them in from your quiz file and duplicate away...

Sorry it's not the answer you are after.

Wendy Farmer

Ha ha

I don't see Italy on this link on the Articulate website but here is the reseller of Articulate software in Italy they may be able to help you with training.

Viale dei Platani, 176 
97100 Ragusa (RG)

+39 093 26 26 402
+39 334 84 37 664

e: articulate@mosaicoelearning.it

w: http://www.mosaicoelearning.it 

Fingers crossed they have English speaking dudes...good luck!