Displaying time/progress either in seekbar or menu for screencasts

I just started screencasting and have developed two. In one course, there are several slides where I segmented the screencast into parts, but the slides advance automatically for a fluid presentation. I display the seekbar so learners can rewind if they wish any given slide segment.

I want to display the time (timeline?) in minutes and seconds similar to what we are used to when playing a video file in a player. In addition (maybe instead of...), how might I use the menu feature to indicate topics and the cue points? Is this even possible since the 'course' is comprised of more than one slide of screencasts?

And those slide breakdowns may or may not align with topics and cue points I would like to point out? I don't think I've 'broken' a topic over slides though at least.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Chris!

I wanted to point you to this thread which explains how to add a timer to each slide of your course, and this one which explains how to add an overall elapsed timer to your course. 

And since you asked about the menu feature, take a look at this tutorial which details all of the ways you can customize the menu. It's hard to offer specifics without seeing your set-up, but that tutorial would be a good place to start. 

If you'd like more specific help, feel free to attach your file here, and we'll be happy to take a look!

Chris Roetzer

Hi Alyssa, thanks very much for fielding my need for help and the tips. I'm surprised there's no time display on the player/seekbar similar to most any video player for a user to see the time elapsed (I'm using the seekbar because I'm using screencasted video segments over 3 slides. I inserted each as one video on a single slide). Looks like the one thread you provided shows a few ways to 'fake' it for displaying the timeline cue point which is one thing I needed.

My first question then is about the Menu. It appears that menu items that you want to be able to jump to something can jump only to slides. It also appears I could add menu items (say to a cue point along the video timeline of a particular slide), but it can't jump to that specific timeline point along the video. 

In my course,  (software simulation screencast), suppose I have three slides each with 3 min. video segments, total video content is 9 min. Further suppose that each 3 min video covers 3 topics each. (Slide 1: Topic 1, 2, 3; Slide 2: Topics 4, 5, 6; etc.) I inserted each 3 min. video on a single slide. 

It sounds like I can create 'custom' menu entries such as to show where on the timeline (seekbar) a user should go to for Topic 3 (say 1:27), but I can't jump right to that spot.

Perhaps I can get what I want to re-insert the video(s) as 'Step by Step' and then I could pinpoint a particular slide for my menu to be able to jump right to that point?  

Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Chris,

You got it--menu items point to specific slides, but I completely understand how the ability to jump to a specific timeline point would make your life easier. I know that a slide timer within the player is a hot feature request here in the forums, and aside from sharing your thoughts here, you're also welcome to submit an official Feature Request to our product development team.

I like your idea of re-inserting the videos as step-by-step slides, and you can use Action Fine Tuning to extend the length of the video on each slide to cover multiple steps, if you'd like. :)