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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Al! Unfortunately that's one of the very few samples that we aren't able to give away. It would be easy to create something similar, though, by incorporating or customizing some of Storyline's backgrounds and shapes.... Or was there a particular slide or feature of that demo that you were interested in re-creating? We could help you along with tips & guidance if you want!

David Demyan


The one that shows up on that link has three scenes but none of the same assets. It's tough to practice the activities in the tutorial without the assets, which I created from scratch (perhaps learning more than I intended in the process).  

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nicole, many of the slides in the Comstar file contain assets that we aren't able to distribute. However, we'll continually add new templates to the Storyline Downloads area, so keep an eye out there for new items! The template downloads are free for trial users as well as people who purchase a Storyline license.