Drag an item from a Slide onto Desktop?

Hi guys/gals

I'm quite new to using Articulate but absolutely loving it so far.  

Is it possible for an item to be dragged whilst watching a published e-learning across onto the desktop.  For example, if we were teaching external staff how to use a document and the slide topic was about a Word Template used in the business, if we were to show that template word doc. on the slide can it be dragged out of the slide and sit on the desktop as an icon which can then be clicked and open for use?   


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gail,

I'd agree with Dave on his suggestion. 

Items that you've placed on the slide stage will mostly be turned into images upon publish and are restricted to being within the Storyline viewing/publish. I haven't seen any other examples of ways in which you could drag something out - and in a similar vein, I don't believe you can copy/paste content out to another document as well. 

Hope that helps clarify - and I wouldn't be shocked if folks in the community had some additional ideas on how to accomplish this!