Drag and Drop + Accessibility


We all know that standard drag and drop activities in Articulate are not accessible but we do not want to deprive users from being able to access these types of interactions. We have devised a way of using keyboard actions (combined with motion paths) to move drag items to a drop spot. To do this the drag items need to be buttons so that the user can tab to them. Problem is as soon as you identify these buttons as drag items they can no longer be tabbed to. I imagine this is something to do with the new accessibility features in Articulate. My only way around this at the moment is to remove the physical drag and drop characteristics from the exercise and simply use the click and enter options. This does not give the activity the range of options for those with different requirements. 

Has this been an oversight in the development of the new accessibility features and is there a way around it? 

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Sam Hill

I think because the drag and drop items aren't accessible, they've just made sure you can't Tab to them and try and work with them if you are using keyboard.

Can you not use a transparent button beneath the drag item to trigger what you need to? Therefore it can be tabbed to, and seen in context of the draggable item.