Drag and Drop from One Form to Another

I need to be able to have the learner drag a value from one form to the correct place on a screen. The actual drag-n-drop process is no mystery, but how can I create this assessment with limited real estate?

If I enlarge one form to a nice, legible size, the screen must be zoomed and the d-n-d effect is negated. If the screen is legible, the form is too small to locate the drag fields.

I am constrained to a specific template story size and I'm all out of ideas.

Thus, I turn to the experts.

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Brenda Ballard

That could be a useful workaround; with precise instructions, I can probably guide the learner to hover over possible correct fields in order to identify the one to drag.

That would mean creating one image (either screen or document) at normal size and thumbnail-ing the other, wouldn't it?

Wendy Farmer

Yes it would be a bit of work but if your only option is D & D then I think so - always difficult when you are constrained by slide size and trying to show forms.

Is it possible to have another quiz type that would work?

Hard to say without seeing you file - feel free to upload it - perhaps someone will come up with an alternative solution for you.