Drag and Drop Help

Hi all,

I'm creating a drag and drop activity in Storyline 360 and running into two issues. 

1. I duplicated my first activity to create the second. In the first one, when I drag the objects to the drop area (only one area) they tile. In the second, they stack on top of each other. The setting is showing tile for both slides, so I can't figure out what the issue is?

2. If the user gets the correct results, the correct layer displays and it continues to the next slide. If the user gets it wrong, it goes back to the activity but the slide is locked and they can't fix their answers or move on. It's just stuck.

Any advise would be appreciated. 

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Jerry Beaucaire

You may need to attach a copy of your .story (if possible) for us to confirm the differences between the two.

When duplicating interactions, in my experience the new copy might misbehave.   I have less issues simply inserting new interaction slides and applying the same formats/layouts/effects.

But copying makes sense to do, be sure to go into FORM VIEW and check/confirm the DRAGandDROP OPTIONS are set the way you need on the copy as well.  Triple check everything.

Both your 1. and 2. issues above might be resolved by the Options.