Drag n Drop problem - Disappearing drop zones

I've got a drag n drop interaction I'm working on and when the learner drags an item directly over top of the drop area, the drop area seems to disappear.

If the learner drops the item directly into the center of the drop area and submits the interaction, storyline acts as if the drag item was not dropped into the drop area.  Pretty frustrating for a learner

Wondering if anyone has run into this before?  I'm sure its user error on my part.  I've attached the .story file and here's a link to the published output: http://db.tt/HPbI1AXb

My apologies if this has already been addressed, I couldn't find anything in searching the forums.  Any help is much appreciated!

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Brian Allen

Solution was given to me by mr Phil Mayor, a true Articulate Hero (thank you!): Add a fill on the normal state

My drop areas were rectangles with no fill.  After adding a fill to the rectangles my drop zones work just fine without disappearing.  If it works it ain't weird I guess, right?

I've attached the updated .story file in case this helps anyone in the future, and here is a link to the now working published files: http://db.tt/Bfyud6qL