End position of animation?

Hello community,

Is there any way to get exact coordinates or duplicate the end position of an object after an animation?

I want to start the next slide with the objects in the exact position they are in at the end of the animation attached - not seeing any way to do this beyond a lot of manual tweaking and previewing - very time consuming particularly with multiple obkects.

Any advice appreciated,


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Math Notermans

As said i got a setup working now that checks whether you publish in Classic Player or Modern Player mode. Based on that getting the x/y position is somewhat different for the player.
Check that here...

Modern Player version

Classic Player version

Clicking the 'move to spots' button triggers a animation that moves the candy to the endposition of the 3 spots. You can drag the green spots around to change the positions. When clicking the button the candy moves to the correct spot and the variables are updated.

The biggest issue, especially because the Classic and Modern player behave somewhat differently, was the x/y translation of the player ( Storyline slide ) on a webpage of a given size.
Figured that out and now on any device ( testing needed for that ;-) the x/y position of elements should be good. To get and set for animation.


Attaching my storyline sample.