Error: "Exception during Import Powerpoint" - Out of memory.


I am receiving the attached error when importing Powerpoint files into Storyline 2. 

  • I have never been able to import Powerpoint files into Storyline
  • I have tried both ppt and pptx versions of the same files (all files are saved locally to the C: drive)
  • I have tried multiple Powerpoint files, from different sources, including the tutorial files from the Articulate website
  • This error is consistent for any Powerpoint file I try to import
  • I have reinstalled Storyline 2 and checked for updates
  • I have repaired Microsoft Office
  • My coworkers also receive errors when attempting to import Powerpoint files into Storyline2 (all running Windows 7 for Enterprise)

Please advise of other possible troubleshooting steps.


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Michael. I'm happy to help!

In Steve's case, we recommended these steps:

Try the troubleshooting steps in this article: Failed to Import PowerPoint Presentation

Note: If you have restrictions in your user profile (the computer you are using) or strict user permissions, you may encounter this error when importing a PowerPoint file in Storyline. Make sure there are no restrictions.

A few questions after referencing your other post:

  • Are your PowerPoint files saved on a local C: drive? 
  • What version of Microsoft Office are you using?

We'll take our next steps from there!