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Kevin Thorn

I may be wrong here, but the design methodology for mobile is quite different than for web. Think of other apps you use - there are no exit buttons rather to exit that app you press the main home button (referring to iOS devices as I don't own an Android device).

You mentioned you added an exit button to your course but you can't see it in the app? Only in Firefox?

Try a test and put an Exit button visible in the middle of the screen large enough for big fingers like mine. Set the trigger to "Exit course" when clicked and see if that closes the course. The app should still remain though. I think.

John U

Kevin is correct.  The iPad plays on a different field.  The way I handled it can be seen on the game I just posted about 45 minutes ago TicTacMatch.  Play the game on your iPad and with your favorite browser.  At the end, the browser displays a Quit button and the iPad displays a prompt to return to the Library.