Exporting to TinCan

Hi All, 


I'm working on a questionnaire that should be manually marked by a trainer. Because we need to see all the users answers, we decided to use TinCan. However, when I export my project, it works locally but shows empty on the LMS. It works on SCORM cloud but doesn't track anything. 


It's my first time using TinCan so I'm pretty sure I'm missing something obvious, but I'd appreciate some help :).


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sofie!

We are happy to help! When you say "empty on the LMS", are you not seeing the course or is the report empty?

Also, how are you publishing the file for the LMS? Would you mind sharing the file so I can test it on my end? You can use share the .story file in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button, or you can share it privately by using this link.

Here's more information about TinCan from an Articulate content perspective.