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Hi all,

I have searched through this site but can't find any queries around launching web-published courses.  I have followed the instructions, but the only person who can launch the course from the zip file is me (which doesn't help when I try to share it).

I have tried copying the zip file to other locations, but the "story" files only open on my laptop.  html5 gives me a "NEXT" and "PREV" in the top left corner, but that's it.

Any ideas guys?


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Eleanor Ferris


I have followed the steps in the advice but when I share the story.html file nothing happens - we just get a blank screen.

When I have published for LMS it is fine, but for this I need to allow people to access the content via an Intranet page.  I have tried everything that's been suggested, including copying the files to a file share and the intranet doc library, but still I just get a blank screen when clicking on the story.html file.

Any further ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eleanor,

So will everyone be accessing it from an Intranet page? Is this linked to your LMS in terms of hosting it there and then providing a link internally? Or if you need it to live within your network, have you looked at publishing for CD and then providing directions for users to access that one? 

Eleanor Ferris

Thanks Ashley, I have tried publishing to CD - no luck.

The video is a simulation showing how to raise a "help" ticket, and I would like to have it accessible to users next to where they actually raise the ticket.  I also plan to use the video as a lightbox (fab piece of functionality by the way) in the training courses.

I think the problem may be the storage - we don't have a file share as such, we use teamsites and sharepoint.  I tried copying all of the files onto the teamsite, and onto the doc library, and also tried copying the various zip files, all to no avail.

Can you tell me a little about how the "Tempshare" works, as that's the only way the content has been accessible to the team.

Many thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eleanor,

Tempshare is just for testing purposes and links will be removed after 10 days and no longer accessible. A lot of users here mention using Sharepoint, so that should be an option - have you seen similar threads such as this one where users shared steps to publish to Sharepoint?