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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Viviana,

There isn't a way to stop it - as it'll happen automatically as described here (except for FLV with alpha channel transparency, if you're using the Flash or Mobile player version). There are some community members who replace the published output video with the original, mostly for quality issues - but I suspect you could do the same thing to use the FLV video instead of the mp4. 

Mike Enders describes that method in this video to help get you started. 

Bob Wiker


We have some legacy FLV video clips, so I'm curious about why you want to keep them as FLV rather than convert to MP4. My understanding is that MP4 is usually smaller, better quality, more ubiquitous (especially mobile/iPads), and is "the future". Let me know so I can make a more informed decision with my legacy FLV clips. Thx.