Focus Order configuration tool needs work

I think we've all be putting up with the pain of using the Focus Order configuration tool for way too long. I've probably added it as a feature request a couple of times.

I think this tool could become much better if the following are considered:

  • When customising the Focus Order, it would be great if we could select multiple items at once, and move them around as a group At the moment we can only select one item at a time. It's a tedious task.
  • When you have several items in the Focus Order tool, and have to move an items so much that the Focus Order tool has to scroll, the scroll is really really slow. There seems to be a performance issue with the scroll. I've sometimes resorted to flipping my screen to portrait mode so I don't have to scroll as much when working on modules and fixing accessibility.
  • It would be great if we could define groups of elements where the order cannot be changed. For example, in my Template, I could define a header group which would contain a heading, navigation etc, and once I have defined the order within that group, it is locked in that order within that group. The same could go for a footer.
  • Building on the point above about a header and footer, it would be great if we could specify that this group of elements are always at the top of the document, and this group of elements are always at the bottom of the document. Which can then sort out everything in between on a per slide basis.

Part of making courses accessible includes making the tools for accessibility as easy to use as possible. There've been some great improvements in accessibility recently in the SL products, especially the semantic mark-up that is now output. If the Focus Order tool could get some attention as it has a big impact on development.

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Matthew Bibby

Agreed 100%. That little window is a crime against good UX. I've been saying it for years and I'll say it again... just give us a field to type numbers in. Then I can figure out the desired order of the objects, and simply type in the order. Maybe it could even be keyboard accessible for those of us with problems?

I have RSI as a result of using inconsiderate eLearning development tools for years. The damage was first done by overworking when using Captivate. And now, 12 years later, I have to walk away from Storyline development due to issues with pain.

Interfaces like this are the WORST. They literally cause us pain.