Free form drag n drop

Hi, I've created a drag n drop free form but strangely enough 1 item is behaving strangely. I've spent hours trying to figure out but to no avail. Could you kindly help?

It's slide number 1.7 and the item is  "AND". It does not snap back to its original position when dropped outside the required area, although when dropped in the right area it disappears as it is meant to do.  All the others seem fine. Thanks very much. 

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Hi Wendy, "AND" should drop on picture 2 NOT pic 1. It ought to be 'hidden' but for some reason the triggers don't work on 'AND', FURTHERMORE' and 'MOREOVER'. These words do not disappear as they should. I have attached a screenshot. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Robert

I ungrouped the picture and text box and updated the form view (there were missing objects in your original file)  - working as expected now.

If you want to keep the groupings I suggest you add a hotspot to each one and use that as your dropzone.


Wendy Farmer

I don't think anything was missing - i try and avoid 'Groupings' as I find they can be finicky.  I recommended another solution above to add hotspots or once you group the text and pic together then save them out as a picture and insert them back in as a picture.

There is always more than one way to do things in Storyline - it's just what works best for your project.

You may find if you recreated the slide it would be good but I don't trust groups so I workaround them.

Sorry I couldn't be more definitive.  

Maybe someone else will chime in with a reason 'why'.  Good luck with your project Robert.