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Brian Allen

Hugh Gardner said:

I need to load up the SL2 demo and check the source out, very nice.  I especially like how the video resumes if you move the slider and come back.  

I also set it up so that if you click onto any of the video thumbnails in the carousel, the slider position changes to match your position, which is pretty cool.

I primarily shared this just to see how other people might create this differently, as there are usually numerous ways to do something, some more efficient than others.

Brian Allen

Kate Jurd said:

thanks for sharing Brian - your carousel has endless applications...i hope to create something different from your design - Ill let you know how i go!

PS Im also now hooked on lip sycning battles!

Kate, looking forward to seeing what you're able to create with it, and yes, this project was my way to pay homage to all lip sync battles, past, present and future...  I'm not sure which of these was my favorite, but Emma Stone was awesome!