Getting an error when trying to import .quiz file into Storyline

I try to import a .quiz file into storyline by following the steps  that I normally do when importing a power point (obviously selecting quiz maker ).  Perhaps I'm missing something but all of the slides show up i can select all and then the import process starts -  2 seconds later i get this error report.  I have tried and existing project that I am working on and also a blank project and I get the same error. :(  Any thoughts?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Christina!

Funny that you're receiving a Powerpoint exception when importing Quizmaker. Is the .quiz file located on the same drive as your .story file?

Have you tried exiting Storyline and relaunching it? Maybe a quick repair will get things running smoothly again. 

If you're still having trouble, please feel free to open a ticket with our support team, and include the .quiz file you're having trouble with. 

Thanks, Christina!