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Daniel Servan


Try this Javascript.

Add a trigger to execute Javascript inside Storyline

var player = GetPlayer();

function findLMSAPI(win) {
  if (win.hasOwnProperty("GetStudentID")) return win;

  else if (win.parent == win) return null;

  else return findLMSAPI(win.parent);

var lmsAPI = findLMSAPI(this);
var myName = lmsAPI.GetStudentName();
var array = myName.split(',');
var newName = array[0]; // you can also try array[1]
player.SetVar("VariableName", newName); // VariableName is your Storyline Variable

James Jenneman

This is great!! In Exceed LMS, when I set array to 0, it returned the last name. When I set it to 1, it returned the first name.

So I set up two variables: %fname% and %lname% and set two triggers to run that script when the course starts, once with array[0] associated with %lname% and once with array[1] associated with %fname%,

Worked like a charm.

Feel free to test the attached in your LMS.

Alison  L.

BRIDGE LMS (and SL 360) 


(of course uploading a scorm.zip to create a course gets you a "CERTIFICATE" option (et al) on the course's "page" so you don't actually have to do this. But I was like all the way through (except for the name part) and wanted to make it work/ not have wasted my time.


Sayak Bhanja

Thank you Daniel and James! This is great to know.

Does anyone know how this would work on Articulate Online (if at all).

I tried it using the story file James had uploaded, but I'm not getting the user name back (first or last). I have a feeling Articulate Online doesn't store the data as 'StudentName' (maybe?).