Glitches with Storyline 360 Mobile Player

I have a story project that is being deployed in our Moodle LMS. It works fine when viewed on the web on a computer, but is not working correctly when viewed in the Articulate 360 mobile player. The arrows at the bottom don't advance the course past the first slide. When I try use the menu for navigation I can get to the first slide, but clicking on other slides in the menu bounces me back to the first slide. Every once in a while I can click on other slides in the menu and it will correctly go there. However, if I click the back arrow, it takes me back to the previous slide viewed (even if it was much farther up the menu) and not the slide that is immediately preceding the one (sequentially) I am viewing. Is there some behavior for the mobile player I need to set when publishing the story file that is making it do this wacky navigation?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Whitney - The back arrow behavior works like a back button in your browser, so that is expected behavior. The other navigation issues do not sound expected. Do you have a .story file to share so that we can take a look and better understand? If you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here.