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David Breen

I am trying to update older Storyline files to the newest December 15 version in hopes I fix the audio and animation issues attributed to Safari and the iPad and I am seeing a lot of my glow effects creating a harsh edge line right to the perimeter of the png bounding box. I'm seeing this in the new versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Has this been documented yet? Or an issue anyone else has come across?

Please see attachment. Thanks!


Katie Riggio

Hey, Will! Hey, David!

Storyline 360 Update 48 is here: We fixed the issue where shadow and glow effects stopped working in Google Chrome and chromium-based Microsoft Edge. 

Thank you for helping us make this fix!

P.S. David: I haven't come across similar reports as of yet, but do let us know if the harsh lines remain after updating to today's update.