Having a hard time importing screenr into Storyline

Hi, Heroes:

I'm having a difficult time importing a small SL presentation (which has just one screen recording) into a larger SL presentation.

Here's what I'm doing:

1. On the larger SL presentation, I select new slide and then import the small SL project (really, it's just the screen recording I need). I select my project, and it does import, but then I don't see it anywhere.

Is this not a way to import a screenr done in another SL presentation? Thanks so much. --Daniel 

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Brian Pugliese

Does this mean you cannot import a Screenr recording so that it can be generated as Step by Step slides in Storyline for Try mode? Right now I can import the Screenr recording as an .mp4 file but I wanted to see if it could be imported so that Storyline treats it as a SL screen recording.  Is that possible?

Peter Anderson

Hi Brian, 

Based on your description of the Screenr recording, you'll only be able to have a video of the screen recording. You won't be able to use it for step-by-step slides, unless you had previously used the screen recording in a different project. The second section of this tutorial, titled Inserting an Existing Screen Recording should help clear up the options available to you. Hope that's helpful...